domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

Galland and the Gauchos of the air

1. Galland was to use his war experience to set up a modern jet fighter force for the AAF. About 100 british Gloster Meteor fighters had been acquired. (Photo: Meteor`s Pilots at the VI Brigada Aérea Tandil-Buenos Aires Province) Ricardo Kleissen
2. For the first time, after the war, Daimler-Benz participated in a major international automobile race. In February 1951 the south american continent was to be crossed in a road race. The photo shows, from left to right: Mercedes Benz racing driver Lang; Mr. Zeyen; Galland and Mercedes Benz racing driver Klein. (Ciudad Jardín-El Palomar) W. Held.
3. Argentinian Civil Pilot Licence
4. In the Air Defence Command of the AAF . W. Held.

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